Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Theology of the Body and Medical Care

My article, "The Theology of the Body: Some Reflections on the Significance For Medical Professionals," which was in the Linacre Journal of the Catholic Medical Association (May 2006), is available online. Here is the abstract:
Is man just a "ghost in a machine," or is the body something other than a mechanical structure extrinsic to who we are as persons? What if the body is the necessary communication of the spirit and a necessary expression of the self. What if the body is not only that, but also a word from God Himself about Himself and about who we are? What impact would such an affirmation have on health care in the United States and in the world?


Samantha Ordos said...

As a future Occupational Therapist and current Theology of the Body enthusiast, I am VERY excited about this article!

Robert Gotcher said...

Samantha, I hope you enjoy it.