Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow-up on the B-52's

I'd like to write a post a serious defense of the inclusion of cuts by the B-52's on a blog about Classic Catholicism, which promotes Latin, good liturgy, the theology of the body, etc.

Unfortunately, I can't. There is no defense. It is pure nostalgia that causes me to remember this music with warmth and fondness. Those of you who are too young or too old cannot fathom what a breath of fresh air "Rock Lobster" was after listing to what seemed like interminable airings on FM radio of "Do You Feel Like I Do" and other "gems" from Peter Framptom Live. Or disco. Or Yes at its pretentious worst. Even Fleetwood Mac, was too slick to be a real relief.

New wave was fun. It wasn't dark like Punk. I had albums from the B-52's, the Cars, the Police (two albums! Why, I don't know. I didn't even like the Police that much. But, I was born in the 50s). I even had the Rolling Stone's "New Wave" album, "Some Girls." The only Rolling Stones album I had or would ever stoop to buy. I didn't have Elvis Costello--too serious. Or Devo--too weird. I didn't like Blondie that much, although some.

I remember when I was getting my M.A. at St. Paul Seminary dancing our hearts out to "Rock Lobster" in the basement of a friend's house.

It isn't like the B-52's had a great message. Their lifestyle certainly isn't something to emulate. But, they weren't cynical; they were just fun. It gives me the same general feeling as Stan Freberg. Silly, fun, not mean. And, it has a good beat and you can dance to it.
Some say she's from Mars.
Or one of the Seven Stars
That comes out at 3:30 in the morning.

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diana said...

Devo is hysterical. I haven't listened to them in awhile but I love geeky humor. They are so underrated. I like the B-52's but I really wonder at the underlying meaning of some of their lyrics. Like Roam and Dirty Back Road. Don't even want to go there.
The Rolling Stones are so loathsome! I thought I was the only on who found them infinitely foul....
Yeah, the B-52's are fun. I feel the same way about the Ramones. Can't recommend them but fun to listen to.
My word verification is "post preg" it knows me.....