Monday, March 22, 2010

A reasonable sacrifice

My four year old son came in yesterday with a fist full of hay, left over from the bunny that died recently. He said, "Can I have some hot water?" "What do you want hot water for," I asked. "I want to sacwifice some hay."

Today we finally got out of him what he was sacrificing hay for. He wanted it to go to heaven so the bunny would have something to eat.

There's a theological lesson in here somewhere.


Janet said...

This is great. It's the sort of thing that makes me really sorry that my children are grown. There are other things that make me sort of happy that they are grown, for instance, my daughter's FB status in which she is talking about my granddaughter. "Things a mother doesn't want to hear from the kitchen: 'Ow! I DID just superglue my ear!!'"

AMDG, Janet

Robert Gotcher said...

Our four year old is a stitch--almost all the time.

Janet said...

Yes, I enjoy four. One of my grandsons is going to be four in July.