Monday, February 01, 2010

Robin Mitchell (Update)

I just received word that Dr. Robin Mitchell, head of Trinity Academy, a wonderful independent Catholic school in the Greater Milwaukee area (Waukesha county), suffered a stroke over the weekend. Please pray for him! He, his wife, and his children are doing a wonderful thing for the Church in the spirit of Vatican II and Ven. John Paul II. I had some wonderful conversations with them this summer when I was considering teaching at their school. I wish I could have taught there, but circumstances did not permit it. Robin's son, Peter, a priest for the diocese of Lincoln, is a fabulous preacher.

Update: I just learned in an e-mail from Trinity that Dr. Mitchell did not suffer a stroke, but a serious heart attack. There was no neurological damage. Please continue to pray for him during his (undoubtedly long) recovery.

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