Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Missionary Servants of the Holy Family

A young woman from a homeschooling family in the Milwaukee area, Maryclare Stephens, has felt called to start a new religious order dedicated to the renewal of the Catholic family called Missionarii Servi Sanctae Familiae. She is currently organizing lay people in a movement of prayer and consecration to the Holy Family. There are three groups of lay people: 1) Discerning single lay women, 2) the family branch, who consecrate themselves to the Holy Family and strive to live, as a family, in imitation of the Holy Family, and 3) Lay single women and men, who pray for the group's mission.

One of their primary activities so far is a monthly holy hour. The web page has some slide shows of previous holy hours. The next one will be on Sunday, February 28, from 1:00-2:00 in the St. Francis de Sales Seminary chapel (3257 South Lake Drive, St., Francis, WI ). It will be led by Fr. Don Hying, the Rector of the seminary.

I haven't been to the holy hours yet, as they seem to be intentionally scheduled so as to conflict with the Gotcher's calendar :), but we certainly plan to go in the future. The world needs the message of this movement more than ever, and needs zealous, dedicated young people like Maryclare (and the rest of her delightful family).

Even if you do not participate in their activities, because of distance, please pray for the success of this venture.

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