Monday, January 25, 2010

Firmly I Believe and Truly -- Nashotah House

The beautiful choir at St. Anthony's Church at Ninth and Mitchell in Milwaukee, directed by the incomparable Lee Erickson (also director of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus), sings many beautiful hymns and pieces. One of my favorites is "Firmly I Believe and Truly."

The music they use at St. Anthony's was written at and for Nashotah House, the nearby Anglican seminary. Cool Seminary! The architecture is beautiful, especially the chapel(, Nate). I spent a weekend there in the fall writing an article about a wonderful Anglican/Orthodox ecumenical event that was happening there. This is their seminary hymn.

The words, I just found out, are from the Dream of Gerontius, by Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman! I was ever happy to find that out. Makes me want to read it.

Here it is sung at Nashotah House.

Here are the words. They are as good read as sung, but wow! are they impressive when sung! Especially by the choir and entire congregation at St. Anthony's.

1. Firmly I believe and truly
God is three, and God is One;
And I next acknowledge duly
Manhood taken by the Son.

Refrain:Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus,
de profundis oro te,
Miserere, judex meus,
parce mihi Domine.

2. And I trust and hope most fully
In that Manhood crucified;
And each thought and deed unruly
Do to death, as He has died.

3. Simply to His grace and wholly
Light and life and strength belong,
And I love, supremely, solely,
Him the holy, Him the strong.

4. And I hold in veneration,
For the love of Him alone,
Holy Church, as His creation,
And her teachings as His own.

5. Adoration ay be given,
With and through the angelic host,
To the God of earth and heaven,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I want this sung and printed in the program at my funeral.


Love2Learn Mom said...

Neat! I've only been to Nashotah House once (even it's almost around the corner from us), but I'd like to go back again. It was incredible!

diana said...

The Reeves (at St Ants) are friendly with the composer...(I believe the composer is a catholic)Tom was with Nashotah House until he converted.
I have read The Dream of Gerontius & its also beautiful...its been under my bed for years! Roger and I as well want that song at our funerals! Too funny!

We have been praying for you and offering masses.