Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Silver Lining department

One of the benefits of being (temporarily, I hope) free from the academy is that I can read anything I want. Anything. I'm not preparing for classes. And the online high school classes I am preparing for, I already have most of the material for, so don't need to do a lot a prep. When evening comes and the littles* are in bed I can sit around, read a book on medieval Irish history, play guitar, study Latin, talk to the bigs* or Kathy...do anything.

One thing I avoid is going anywhere near the Internet. It is a bad habit to get into to hang out on the Internet when you could be reading Aquinas (or, Br. Bob, Bonaventure). 

* we divide the kids into the "littles" and the "bigs." The littles go to bed early, the bigs, being teenagers and beyond, stay up.


The sadly overlooked Franciscan intellectual tradition said...

Ah! A glimmer of hope! I'm still waiting for the Ockham love.

Although Francis would probably say more guitar, less reading...

Joe said...

Ockham and Scotus are definitely underrated thinkers.