Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer online courses for high school students

I will be teaching several online summer school courses beginning in June through Homeschool Connections. The classes are open to all Catholic students (and non-Catholic, for that matter, so longer as they are not offended by my popery!) not just homeschoolers.
Here are the links to the classes. (They're not so lofty as they sound -- I'' be gearing the classes to your average high school student.)
Also available through Homeschool Connections this summer:
Homeschool Connections provides free webinars for Catholics and homeschoolers as well as online classes for a reasonable fee. Homeschool Connections uses webinar technology for the online courses. The students will be able see and hear the teachers via a webcam and microphone. In turn, the students can communicate with me and the rest of the class through the chat room or their own microphone. I can also use Power Point presentations that are viewable on the same screen. The teens love the technology. This is an great opportunity to keep high school students engaged and learning over the summer. These particular courses have been designed for summer time with no or light homework. Also, all classes are recorded so if you're away on vacation for a week or two, and can't access the Internet, you can simply watch the recorded event later. In fact, registered students have access to the recorded classes for 6 months. This is a great value for the price.

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