Friday, January 19, 2007

A really weird, but off topic story

This morning Kathy and the four youngest were preparing for a trip to Minnesota. Suddenly our 12-year old daughter says, "Where's the phone so I can call the health department!" Our 15 year old boy and I said, "huh?! Why do you need to call the health department and why right now?" She said, "I need to find out whether age is the only criterion for sitting in the front seat with air bags or if there is also a weight and height criterion." She wanted to sit in the front seat, but since state law says you have to be 13, she wanted to know if there was an exception for tall girls like her.

As it turns out, there isn't. So she sat in the middle seat of our van.

Doesn't it seem ludicrous that a girl would have to call the health department to department to find out if she can sit in the front seat. Isn't that government overreach? Shouldn't she just be able to ask her parents, who could then make a decision? I find this to be weird.

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