Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

The Institute proposes to fulfill its mission by engaging serious scholarly reflection on the nature of Catholic education and sharing that reflection with the broader Catholic educational community. The Institute will engage leading scholars in common discussion and publication through annual meetings, a scholarly journal, and participation in relevant conferences. The Institute will also make speakers available to visit individual institutions and diocesan conferences. The Institute will provide curricular consultation for high schools and colleges that want to form or reform their curricula. The Institute will co-sponsor conferences on Catholic education. The Institute’s website will connect those already engaged in the renewal of Catholic education, provide access to inspirational and formative articles and links to other related efforts on the web. Through its “academic retreats”, The Institute will provide an intense experience of authentic Catholic education for teachers and community leaders that will greatly help them to appreciate the Catholic vision of education and be inspired to share it with their students and schools.

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