Saturday, February 12, 2005

A gift from God

What if God were to say to you, "I have been preparing a gift for you from eternity. It is precisely tailored to you needs at this moment. With the exception of my Son and His presence in the Eucharist, it is the greatest answer to all your innermost desires for a gift from me."?
Every person you encounter today is that gift. If you treat him any less than as a precious gift from God, if you don't seek to find within him a message of love and grace for you from God, you are committing a sin of sacrilege. It doesn't matter whether you like the person or not, are attracted to him, whether you find him to be ignorant, frustrating, a waste of your time, beneath contempt, your enemy, evil, or anything else. Fr. Spitzer points out that it is especially difficult to do this if we are stuck seeking happiness through ego gratification, because then we perceive other people as obstacles to our advancement in knowledge, power or prestige.

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