Friday, May 07, 2010

Choral Music in the Public Domain

This article, a lambaste of OCP that a Facebook friend posted as a note, "The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music," by J.A. Tucker, is a little too "snarky" for my tastes, although I am substantially sympathetic with his viewpoint.

I do wonder, and still can't figure out why "One Bread, One Body" is not a good Communion meditation. Maybe it is because I'm not well-formed enough in music. Maybe it reminds people too much musically of "Let it Be," especially since the original accompaniment of "One Bread, Once Body" was piano. On the other hand, "Let it Be" was originally intended by Paul McCartney to have "religious" overtones, even if it is about his own mother, rather than the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On the other hand, I love and prefer chant, polyphony, and traditional hymns. These are the mainstay at my own parish, the choir of which is directed by the great Lee Erickson, who also directs the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Chorus. He does, on occasion, slip in a dignified OCP staple, even one by Jan Michael Joncas.

The best part of the article is the link to the Choralwiki, a source for public domain downloadable choir music.