Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Veggie Tales and St. Patrick

If you want to see a very historical accurate, yet hilarious retelling of the story of St. Patrick, check out the interlude on the Veggie Tale DVD called "Sumo Of The Opera." It includes a very sophisticated analysis of the trials and dangers of inculturation and of trying to explain deep mysteries such as the Trinity. I kid you not. I think what adults like about Veggie Tales is that the stories really aren't, in the end, simplistic.


On HMS weblog they are discussing an article about electronic multitasking among the young. Here is what I've observed about myself. When I have music playing, whether pop, Christian or classical, I cannot concentrate as well on the task at hand, whether at work or at home. This applies to not only intellectual tasks--ability to concentrate, analyse and see an argument through, but practical tasks such as washing the dishes or doing laundry. I've observed the latter on Saturday morning when we are doing household tasks. When the radio is on (to Christian radio), the stories distract myself and the kids and we get less done. It also applies to interpersonal relationships; there is a part of me that becomes absent when I am listening to music (we won't even discuss what affect something like talk radio, including Relevant Radio, has on my attention to the real human beings that are present in the room with me.).

As for e-mailing, blogging, etc., it is a real drain on my ability to get my real work done and relate to persons. For instance, my wife can always tell when I am talking to her on the phone and at the same time looking at something on the computer, an e-mail. She says something like, "Okay, get back to me when I have your attention."

This is one of the reasons I give up most radio during Lent. It is also why I have taken a sabbatical from HMS during the preparation and enjoyment of my sabbatical at work. I don't want the drain. I don't feel anywhere near as compulsive about posting here as I did on HMS (and everyone knows I didn't post on HMS consistently).