Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spirituality for businessmen

Here is a neat organization developed by the incomparable Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., president of Gonzaga University.

The Magis Institute is an association of Catholic business leaders and clergy founded in 2002.

The Mission of the Magis Institute is to develop spiritual and intellectual resources which enable lay Catholic business leaders to aid the Roman Catholic Church to transform the culture and accomplish the "even more" ("the magis") of Ignatian spirituality.

The Magis Institute has developed into a Spiritual Think Tank and a "Catholic Venture Group." We look for ways to assist Catholic business leaders not only to improve their own spiritual life and to incorporate spiritual values into their daily work, but also to help them to help the Church fulfill its broader mission.

We intend to incubate or develop enterprises or institutions that turn ideas about what needs to be done to transform the culture into action, either as a part of the Magis Institute or, finally, as independent organizations.

Go here to learn more about the Magis Institute.

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