Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Glorious Weekend

It has taken me this long to post about the glorious weekend my family spent. Not only was the weather great, but we participated in three great events--in fact, we experienced a little heaven. First, on Friday and Saturday morning we went to the Great Milwaukee Catholic Home Educator's Conference, reported on here and here. The highlight for me was hearing Fr. Ray Gawronski speak on John Paul II as father and on the education of persons. Also, it was wonderful to participate in a panel with two other wonderful home school dads, Michael Mazza, J.D. and Dan McGuire, Ph.D. Finally, it was wonderful to be in such a heavenly atmosphere, the center of which was the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Next, we went to an astounding production of A Man for All Seasons put on by the Orestes Brownson Council at Notre Dame. I, of course, always love to be back there (I got my undergraduate degree there), but this was very special. My son, Tim, played Cromwell, the villian. All the actors were great, especialy considering most of them (including the directors) weren't theater people. We all stayed up late into the night sharing fun and conversation at Reckers (in the South Dining Hall). On Sunday we attended Mass at the Basilica and had brunch at Bob Evans.

Finally, on Sunday we drove back to Milwaukee for a group violin concert of the North Shore Suzuki Strings (hopefully they will put more info on their website soon!), directed by the incomparable Suzuki violin teacher, Carol Waldvogel. Three of our children were in it. After that, a feast at Culvers, including frozen custard.

Boy, were we tired on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Robert, I finally had some time to browse the blogosphere tonight, and came across this lovely post about your weekend, back in April. Yes, having adoration at the conference was wonderful, wasn't it? Kudos to Diana W. of GMCHE for turning that room into a beautiful chapel (or bit of heaven) for us. And I'm SO glad you were able to go to Notre Dame and yet give both talks at the conference! Thank you so much. (And Hello to Kathy and all...!)