Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Veggie Tales and St. Patrick

If you want to see a very historical accurate, yet hilarious retelling of the story of St. Patrick, check out the interlude on the Veggie Tale DVD called "Sumo Of The Opera." It includes a very sophisticated analysis of the trials and dangers of inculturation and of trying to explain deep mysteries such as the Trinity. I kid you not. I think what adults like about Veggie Tales is that the stories really aren't, in the end, simplistic.


Pam said...

Hey! Great call, Robert! Everything I learned about the Bible, I learned from Veggie Tales. Well...not EVERYTHING. Actually, I knew some from before, but I sure have enjoyed the fun and positive reinforcement I and my kids have received. We were reading the story of Joseph in Egypt in Susan Wise Bauer's ancient history curriculum, The Story of the World, and my oldest son started to sing, "Oh, little JOE..."

I've seen St. Patrick and it made an impression on my kids too. Thanks for reminding me to pull it back out just in time!

Robert said...

One thing I noticed about the St. Patrick short when I saw it the second time was how unattached St. Patrick is throughout. Kind of like the apatheia of the Desert Fathers.