Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Top 100 Catholic books of all time

Does anyone know of one? If you were going to make one, what would you for sure put on it?

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Pam said...

The Art of Natural Family Planning by John and Sheila Kippley.

Confessions by St. Augustine

Both of these are on the list by Fr. Schall which I am trying to read (his list in Another Sort of Learning - I am taking as a long-term reading project).

I am working my way through St. Augustine, but I am frequently struck by how modern some of his concerns are.

The Art of NFP (the one actually written by the Kippleys) is I think the most comprehensive modern compendium of what one needs to know about natural family planning - including ecological breastfeeding, an integral part of it, and the covenant theology of marriage (which was understandable even before the Theology of the Body became accessible to lay folks.)